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Please help me to answer the following question

After read the materials I provided below to answer the questions (I have uploaded the content of course material and put the link below for the video and the article).

The questions are in the document named “3Q” and “Application Questions for Contracts” and please use the documents to answer the question.

The file named “Corporation: General Characteristics and Formation” is the chapter 21 of the textbook, and the file named “Corporate Powers and Management” is the Chapter 23 of the textbook which are what I am learning right now (I have upload both below).

** The PDF document named “Contracts” is only used to answer the question in “Application Questions for Contracts document.

** “Enron”, “Ohio Revised Code – Corporations”, “Corporation: General Characteristics and Formation” and “Corporate Powers and Management” are material used to answer the question in “3Q” document.

Enron – Take a look at this video discussing the rise and fall of Enron Inc. The unethical practices of Enron is the main reason several accounting procedures in the corporate world changed in the early 2000s.

Link to video:

Website: Ohio Revised Code – Corporations

Click on the link below to review some of the important Ohio Revised Code Sections about Corporations, which will allow you to better understand corporate formation, operation, management, and dissolving.

ORC 1701 (

Focus on:








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