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Please discuss the following topic in two to three paragraphs

Analyze the Statement of Retained Earnings for the Ford Motor Credit Company. Next, discuss any additions or subtractions recorded for the period from the perspective of a financial analyst. Be sure to discuss what you found interesting about these additions or subtractions.

Statement of Retained Earnings: In conjunction with Ford Motor Credit Company, Ford Motor has issued several types of bonds which are long-term, with an equal or slightly above par value. The company issues corporate bonds which are of three main types: investment grade, high-yield grade and “others”. Investment grade category includes those bonds rated “Baa3/BBB” by more than 2 trade-rating companies (Bob Shanks, 2016). The company issued ‘call-protected’ 5-year corporate bonds on the 28th of March 2013, meaning that the bonds mature in 2018. The 21st of March 2013 saw Ford Motor company issue 10-year corporate bonds at a 3.75% coupon rate, an increase of 0.1% from the previously issued 10-year bonds’ coupon rate (Bob Shanks, 2016). The yearly yield of the Baa3-rated corporate bond of five years is 370% relative to the U.S. Treasury 0.8% bonds.

Bob Shanks. (2016). Ford Motor Company Annual Report on Form 10-K. Washington D.C.:

United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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