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philosophy/ 19 Multiple choice& 3 questions answer

advocacy writing course/ 20 Multiple choice & 3 Short question answers(~300 words each)

Multiple choice

1.The welfare dependent queen or illegal and job-hungry immigrant are two narrative devices deconstructed in Reinsborough & Canning. Which device do they exemplify?





2.Mr. Smollett is a young man of impeccable character and integrity who fiercely and solemnly maintains his innocence and feels betrayed by a system that apparently wants to skip due process and proceed directly to sentencing. In the absence of proven guilt, Smollett’s legal team uses which of the following image repair tactics discussed in Benoit et al?





3.In June 2015, in McKinney, TX, hundreds of Black and white protestors filled the street of the small suburban development where the police had attacked several Black children at a swimming party. The most aggressive cop had to resign days later. Most importantly, though, for the Black children who had been abused and threatened at police gunpoint, to have hundreds of people show up to insist that their lives mattered must have repaired part of the damage. Given the information, this case study confirms the efficacy of which pathway to change?

Punctuated equilibrium

Media influence

Group formation

Grassroots change

4.As the Republic National Convention delegates convened to re-nominate George Bush, protestors outside the gates repeated, Hey! Hey! No! No! Bush and Cheney got to go! Their critique was aimed at the:

Point of assumption

Point of consumption

Point of decision

Point of production

5.In its Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Barclay boasted that it supported 261,000 borrowers with limited credit histories to access a low interest credit card. Its program, the report says, “advocates for access to financial and digital empowerment”. In this case, which form of citizenship is being incorporated?

The ethical employer

The responsible consumer

The diverse workplace


6.The DeBono Six Thinking Hats is a method that helps to:

Define a problem

Decide the main causes of an issue

Decide who is affected by an issue

Evaluate alternative solutions to the problem

7.A social advocate who only see problems after problems have been defined– by communities or reports or in the media– is using which of the following approaches:

Accept the client’s definition

Social criterion



8.Saint Augustine said, “An unjust law is no law at all, which means I have a right, even a duty, to resist — with violence or civil disobedience. You should pray I choose the latter.” This quote reflects that it is more important to define this than whether an act is civil or uncivil. According to Delmas, this is:

the legitimacy of the state

the faith in the people

the authority of experts in economics

the job of the Supreme Court

9.When a company uses a recycling logo but does not refer to the process verifying the third party or environmental standards of its manufacturing process, it commits the sin of:

Lesser of Two Evils


Hidden Trade-Off

No Proof

10.The Global Alliance, a group of 97 nations united in the fight against ISIS or Daâesh, advocates change on the pathway of:





11.Horizontalism is a trope of social movement studies signifying all of the following EXCEPT that:

There need be no leaders

Force is the most important attribute of a people

Revolution infects or spreads without intention

The movement means must match its ends to topple vertical structures

12.Saul Alinsky viewed democracy:

As impossible, it could not be achieved

As impossible, universal ideals do not exist

As possible, it depended on how charitable a public felt

As possible, it depended on how engaged a public felt

13.All of the following represent themes in Alinsky’s work EXCEPT:




Haveâ s/Have Notâ s

14.To call into being, often by presumption or interjection:




Imposter Syndrome

15.The U.S. Department of Commerce incorporates citizens by publishing reports on how the Environmental Protection Agencyâ s findings about global warming is a sham by polling American citizens for their views on climate change. This is an example of corporations incorporating citizens as:

Active constituency

Responsible consumers

Ethical employees

Tokenizing employees

16.Which company designed punchcards that recorded Jewish deaths in the Holocaust?





17.State sanctioned violence like the military and police are examples of which form of power?





18.Occupy Wall Street was a hybrid movement, meaning its efforts combined:

Leadership and leaderless tactics

Online and interpersonal tactics

Gender and class initiatives

National and international consequences

19.When Birney Sanders explains why is a Democratic Socialist to Americans who possibly still cringe at Post-Cold War politics, he aims to reply to:



Physical Spaces


Short answer (~300 words each)

20.Based on the second Hoefer reading (pp. 62-79), define the pros and cons of approaching problem-solving with a social criterion frame.

21.According to Moffitt et al, identify the three voices struggling for hegemony, and explain the decision in Nike v. Kasky.

22.Does corporate social advocacy help or harm corporations?

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