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Personal Coaching Methods Case

Assignment Overview

Today’s coach must develop his/her own system for the sport program they coach. This system will serve as the road map for both the coaching staff and the athletes. A coach’s system can incorporate how he/she organizes the staff, team, or program to the style of play a team will display.

Case Assignment

Your task for the Module 4 Case: Using information from the assigned readings and your own research, write a 2½ – 3 page paper that discusses the three most important points a head coach should consider when organizing a staff, team, and program.

Please list these points in order of importance (i.e., the first one listed being the most important) and justify your rationale with resources and examples.

Required Reading

Jowett, S., O’Broin, A., & Palmer, S. (2010). On understanding the role and significance of a key two-person relationship in sport and executive coaching. Sport and Exercise Psychology Review, 6 (2), 19–30.

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