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Othello W. Shakespeare Essay

3 pages double spaces


Focus on one main point!

Use your own words

You can use my notes , when you use it , you can just say discuss in class

And I also write a few paragraphs to help you

You can revise and add into your own essay.

Topic Answer all questions

W. Shakespeare Othello

  • Discuss Othello as a character.
  • What are his strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is the source of his power?
  • What is his “tragic flaw” in your opinion?



the name othello originally came from greek word:ethello(want,wish,will,desire)

handkerchief symbolize Desdemona lose virginity

othello never ask about the handkerchief he was so convinced, it reflects othello’s what personality.

Iago Deeply racist

Think about why iago has successful

Culture differences: political life, what othello is not familiar with

Emilia: jealousy to desdemona so no help

“What you know, you know”, that’s what iago said to othello at the end, what does othello realize?

Act against his wife, reflect irrational self, slowly.

Tragic flaw: jealousy。 kill desdemona fast

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