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orginizational selection 3 pages

Project: Organizational Selection

This course has major project assignments that will be due in Weeks 3 and 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete them. Plan time to start the research and other work for those assignments earlier than the week in which they are due.

For your final project, you will complete a succession plan for an organization of your choice..

You will be submitting your final project as three deliverables. The first deliverable of the final project is due in Week 1. The second deliverable will be due in Week 3. The third deliverable will be due in Week 5.

Succession Planning Project Overview

Using the material learned in your degree program, the information in this course, and additional research, develop a comprehensive succession plan for a real organization. The organization can be based anywhere in the world. If you select an international organization, keep in mind the global and cultural factors. You may also use your current organization as the basis of the succession plan, if the organization is of sufficient size to justify a meaningful project paper. It is recommended that you seek permission for your organizational choice early in Week 1.

Assume the role of chairman of the board (or similar position) of this organization. You have recently received the resignation of the CEO (or similar position), a highly successful and charismatic leader who has held this post for the past twelve years. (The real-life company should have a current [sitting] CEO who has been in that role for at least three years, preferably longer.)

As the chairman of the board, how will you ensure that the organization continues to thrive, and not merely survive, without the current CEO?

Your task is to design a comprehensive strategy for selecting a successor and ensuring ongoing success with a new leader at the helm of the organization.

Week # Course Project—Succession Plan
1 Organizational selection, background, and situation analysis

  • Identify your subject organization.
  • Describe mission, culture, and leadership structure.
  • Analyze current organizational challenges.
  • Evaluate impact of CEO resignation.
3 Current CEO profile, Competency model identification, Strategic sourcing and recruitment of CEO talent

  • Provide a detailed analysis and observation of the organization’s current CEO, his or her strengths, weaknesses, leadership and communication styles, and personal characteristics that make this leader dynamic and successful.
  • Describe and evaluate the attributes of the current leader including both desirable and undesirable traits for the successor.
  • Discuss the methods and tactics to identify, recruit, screen, and assess candidates (both internally and externally) for the CEO position.
5 Reengineering of the organization’s management and performance models to reflect the new leadership paradigm, Process for ensuring success of new CEO, and Plan for evaluating effectiveness of succession plan

  • Describe the potential impact of a new CEO on the organization, its employees, and its performance. How will the organization need to restructure its performance model(s) to reflect the leadership style and competencies of the new CEO? How will this changing of the guard impact office politics and team performance How will you mitigate resistance to change, particularly among organizational groups that are fiercely loyal to the current CEO?
  • Explain how you will identify, utilize, and analyze various accountability processes such as executive coaching, storyboarding, work agreements, and project management processes to ensure the successful completion of your succession plan. Select the accountability processes you believe will be the most effective and describe their implementation and evaluation.
  • Explain how you will identify, utilize, and analyze various metrics, such as a 360-degree feedback, employee surveys, focus groups, and performance reports, to evaluate the efficacy of your succession plan. Select the metrics you believe will be the most effective and describe their implementation and evaluation.

This Week

Identify your subject organization and describe its history, background, products, services, management structure, culture, mission, and any current challenges. Include your analysis of how the organization would be affected if the current CEO were to actually resign.

Submission Details:

  • Submit your paper as a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.

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