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Organizations, business processes, and IT systems relationships Case

Module 1 – Case

Organizations, business processes, and IT systems relationships.


This Case Assignment focuses on understanding what an organization is and what business processes are to describe the relationship between organizational structures and business processes. Note that the discussion throughout this case is generic and from a scholarly perspective, not from the perspective of any given organization.


Paste these instructions on the cover page of your case paper, using a small font.

After reviewing the required reading for this module (and if you have time, the optional reading), write a 5-page paper addressing the following five questions:

  1. What is an organization?
  2. What is a business process?
  3. What generic types of structures can organizations operate under?
  4. Why do organizations execute business processes?
  5. Why do organizations use technology to accomplish business processes?

Important: Note that depending on the author, a process may be referred to as an activity or a task. For the purpose of this module, assume they are synonymous unless the definition used by a specific author has the word activity or task inside.

You should consider approaching the question as follows:

  1. Identify definitions of an organization by various other scholars or practitioners, and discuss the similarities and differences in the definitions. You must use the background reading and/or search for scholarly articles using the school’s academic search tool. Do not use the dictionary.
  2. Identify definitions of business processes (which may be referred to as tasks or activities by some) and the types of business processes discussed by past researchers. You must use the background reading and/or search for scholarly articles using the school academic search tool. Explain the similarities and differences in the definition.
  3. Explain the relationship between an organization, various parts of an organization, and business processes.
  4. Explain why and how technology is used within organizations to accomplish business processes.


Submit a 5-page paper (excluding cover sheet and references, figures, sections with bullets, and tables) double spaced, no extra spaces, and 1-inch margins, that answers the questions using all of the required reading and if possible the optional reading, and 1 to 3 outside references.

The paper will have a proper main heading stating the name of the class, module number, and title of the paper. The paper will also have an introduction that states the purpose of the paper and what will be answered, as well as, section headings that guide the reader throughout the evolution of the discussion.

Quotations should only be used for definitions. Students must demonstrate their ability to synthesize and articulate knowledge from the required reading.

All assertions and key discussion points are properly cited using APA format. In other words, any sentence or paragraph that contains material derived or synthesized from the background reading or other sources will be cited. References are in APA format. All references are cited in the paper at least once.

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