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Ohio University of Nursing Nursing Leadership Discussion Questions

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The staff on the oncology unit for the day shift (7 AM to 3:30 PM) for nine patients includes Sherry Trader, the charge nurse; James Fair, a recently hired staff nurse; and Julie Coggeshall, one of the NAP, who is in nursing school.

A 78-year-old woman admitted with the diagnosis of breast cancer is scheduled for a radical mastectomy at 8:30 AM. The patient is nonverbal to James, the nurse assigned to the patient. James tells the charge nurse that he has never prepared a patient who was to go to surgery for a mastectomy. The charge nurse indicates to James that the forms are no different from those for any other surgery.

    • What are the key issues to consider about when to delegate and assign care to this patient?
    • What are the dimensions of power and conflict in this situation?
    • What are the problems presented in the case?
    • What are the possible solutions? Include at least 2 power and conflict resolution strategies and 2 communication techniques in your response.
    • To whom and what tasks should be delegated to facilitate the patient’s progression to surgery?
    • What are charge nurse Trader’s options if the staff refuse to accept the delegated tasks?

Original post must include 2 references- 1 peer reviewed AND 1 course material

200 word minimun

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