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Ohio State College Role of Technology in Second Language Acquisition Paper

Could you please help me to write(( Literature review)) about (((Role of Technology in Second Language Acquisition))). Computer
A 2,000-word review of second language acquisition research literature that will provide the background for the small research
project that

Description of Task
The central task of your literature review is to demonstrate that you understand:
1) the feature/issue that you will explore in your full study (500 words maximum)
2) what has already been established by research into the second language acquisition of that feature/issue (1,000 – 1,300
3) how your study will use the SLA literature in framing your research question (200 – 500 words)
Your literature review must conclude with your research question in a way that clearly shows how your research question
builds on what has already been established in the literature.
Your literature review must show a critical understanding of relevant readings, be presented in consistent and reliable English
that shows YOUR thinking and how YOU have developed your argument by using the evidence in the readings. You must
consistently use APA 6.
You must consistently and accurately reference what you have read, both in the text and in the reference list using the APA 6
format. There is no set number of articles that you should read, but if your reference list is shorter than ABOUT 20 articles/books, it is
probably not detailed enough. While you MAY use readings that have been included in the subject guide, these readings should
not be a major part of the material in the literature review.

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