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NSG482 University of Phoenix Genogram and Ecomap Summary

Family Assessment

  • Review the two community case studies.

    Select one of them as the basis of your assignments for this class.

    Provide a brief overview of the family members in the chosen case study.

    Complete a genogram and ecomap.

    Explain the key points of therapeutic conversation.

    Formulate key questions for additional information.

    Ensure your assessment addresses:

    • Identifying data
    • Developmental stage and history of family
    • Environmental data
    • Family structure
    • Family functions
    • Family stress and coping
    • Family composition
  • Format your assessment data as one of the following:

    • Table
    • Chart
    • Matrix
    • Legal-sized infographic
    • 875-word summary
  • Submit your genogram and ecomap as a mind map or other visual representation.

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