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NSG426 Phoenix Week 4 Lets Pool Our Medical Data Video Analysis

Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students.

Due Thursday

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Watch the TED Talk segment, “Unintended Consequences of Informed Consent,” from this week’s University Library Readings.

As you watch the video, think of other instances where regulations can become a hindrance to progress or advancements and summarize why regulations became hindrances in those instances.

link to the video :


please pay attention to the following rules:


You are required to post a minimum of three substantive comments on at least 2 days each week.The first message is due by Thursday of the online week; 2 additional responses to classmates or faculty due by day 7 of the online week.

Substantive messages must be at least 175-265 words of individual content related specifically to the topic and course objectives, utilizing at least 1 peer-reviewed professional reference. Substantive comments are those that help clarify course concepts and their applications to practice.

All message responses must be at least 175-265 words, be submitted during the online week and include APA citations and one (1) professional, peer-reviewed references to support your messages (you are encouraged to use the text book). Points will be deducted for responses that are too brief, are not submitted on time, or not cited and referenced appropriately. Please follow the directions for each First Message.

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