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NHCTC Lean Product Development and Methods Case Study Paper

Writing a 750 word case study on lean production. Applying the concept of Lean Production to a wasteful or inefficient situation in a work context and write a case study summarizing what you learned. Read the Aldi case study in the resources to get knowledge on Lean Production and how it can be applied successfully.

Make sure you understand the concept of Lean Production and the following approaches to Lean Production:

    • Cell Production
    • Just in Time
    • Kaizen (continuous improvement) and Total Quality Management (TQM)

To write your Case Study:

  1. Choose a workplace situation that wastes time, money or other resources, and provide a brief background on it. Analyze the situation. How is it wasteful? What is causing the waste to occur?
  2. Determine which of the three approaches to Lean Production is most applicable to your situation.
  3. Write your Case Study, making sure it explains:
    • the wasteful situation you have chosen, how it is wasteful, and what causes it to be wasteful
    • the three different approaches to Lean Production. Explain them in your own words, and in plain, simple language (no jargon).
    • the Lean Production approach that is most applicable to your situation and why
    • how you would apply Lean tactics to address the situation. How would doing so solve or reduce the waste problem?
    • Here are som links to the resources
    • The aldi case study can be reviewed on the aldi-edition file use this file to learn about the kaizen method and its vaious applications

  4. use this link to learn of the 3 lean production methods
  5. just in time and kaizen methods can be viewed on this video
  6. read this to learn of cell system in lean production
  7. the last resource is differences between strategy,plans, and tactics based on Lean production!

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