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DISCUSSION POST #1: review the following YOUTUBE video on what is and what is not a tort:


Draft a discussion post based on the video and information provided below. Include in your response answers to the below questions:

Marilyn Mosby, the chief prosecutor in the cases brought by the State of Maryland against certain police officers who arrested Freddie Gray is now being sued by the officers for defamation, invasion of the right to privacy, and false light.

A police officer is generally alleging that Ms. Mosby had insufficient evidence to charge him and prosecuted him overzealously resulting in his emotional distress and other damages.

Do you believe the police officer has sufficient cause to bring this lawsuit? Do you think it is fair to have Ms. Mosby, a civil servant, have to defend herself against this civil lawsuit?

Do you believe it is fair that the police officer has to defend himself against both a criminal and civil suit?

Post your response in this THREAD using the REPLY button. Respond to at least one of your other classmate’s post.

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