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need help with assignment

Need help with assignment, no more than 500 words but please use class material.

Two years ago, you were hired as the first CKO for a large organization with very geographically dispersed offices across the US. You developed a KM Strategy and one of the pillars of that strategy involved a significant effort to ensure that all projects documented their lessons and posted their lessons in a centralized web-based lessons learned database that everyone across the organization, regardless of location, could access.

Today, you’ve been called to the CEO’s office because the recent audit of the KM function surfaced some issues. As you sit across from the CEO’s desk, she looks at you and in her usual straightforward manner, she says, “People are not submitting lessons to the lessons learned system. They’re not sharing their knowledge. You convinced me two years ago to set up this lessons learned system and it’s not working. I’d like you to come back to me two weeks from now with a solution. This is costing us money to maintain that empty database. I thought knowledge management was going to save us time and money.”

  • Write up some informal notes to yourself as a starting point to try to address the issue:
    • What could be the real problem?
    • What questions need to be answered to get additional insight into the issue?
  • Identify three “next steps” that you’ll take in the next couple of weeks before you have to report again to the CEO.

Class Material


Dalkir, K. (2005). Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice. Elsevier; Oxford, England, ISBN: 07506-7864-X

  • Chapter 7: The Role of Organizational Culture, p. 209-215.

Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Sharing, and Knowledge Barriers – Three Blurry Terms in KM

Managing Codified Knowledge

Individual and Social Barriers to Knowledge Transfer

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