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My inspiration piece will focus on the painting below, which was painted by Paul Cézanne. The artwork was painted using oil, and the medium used was a canvas. The art features a white dish which contains various fruits, and some of the fruits can also be seen on a table cloth which has been situated next to the white dish.


Painter: Paul Cézanne Circa: 1879-80
Art: Still Life with Fruit Dish Medium: Canvas

I chose this particular piece because of its uniqueness. The artwork which is titled Still Life with Fruit Dish contains certain elements which captured my attention. I have always been in love with art. Hence, I was not nervous when the assignment was given. My artistic eye further led me to choose this particular painting because it portrayed various elements which can be seen in modern art (Bott, Wolf, & Williams, 2008).
One of the reasons I chose this piece for the art presentation assignment will focus on the colors selected in the painting. There are two colors which were used by the painter. One of the colors used is blue. The dark blue used at the background further led the white fruit dish to stand out. Furthermore, the artists also used a bit of blue to highlight the shadows present in the painting. White is the second color used in the artwork. The white pigmented oil paint was used to paint the fruit dish. The painter managed to employ the primary color, blue to portray how white the dish is. There are other colors presented in the painting, such a red, beige, brown, black, and so on. The space in the artwork was also divided with the background being a blue wall and the foreground featuring the fruit dish holding some fruits as well as the fruits, a knife, and glass which had been placed next to the fruit dish. There are two subject matters in the painting, that is, the fruit dish and the fruits (Cézanne, 2001).
One other reason as to why I chose this particular art will focus on the style which was used to compose the image on the canvas. The style employed by the painter was one of the modern styles, that is, impressionism. Impressionism is part of the coursework content that we studied during the sixth week. This style highly focuses on the arrangement of subjects which will be done carefully. Paul Cézanne managed to arrange the fruit dish, fruits, and the glass of water at the center of the table, further establishing a unique presentation that only revolves around fruits and a fruit dish. Furthermore, the colors used in the painting led people to view it as unique since a good number of colors were combined further creating the layered effect seen on the subject matters. One good example will focus on the fruit dish, which features layers of white and blue oil paints (Sayre, 2013).
I am of the view that art, which includes paintings, plays, and pencil sketches, is unique. Excellent care will often be used by the painters who paint their unique paintings since they want to achieve the desired look that will not only attract people but will also leave him or her satisfied. The care and precision used to create this masterpiece will serve as a professional reflection. Care and accuracy should be provided to the patients who will come to the medical facilities for health care services. The art can be applied in my profession since it teaches me more on precision which can be used to make sure that the services being offered to the patients will be of quality since the painting created by Paul Cézanne is of quality as well.

Bott, G. C., Wolf, N., & Williams, K. (2008). Still life. Taschen.
Cézanne, P. (2001). Conversations with Cézanne. Univ of California Press.
Sayre., H. M. (2013). Discovering the Humanities (2 ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Learning Solutions

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  • Olubukola,You’ve written well about the colors in this Cézanne work, and it seems that the colors speak to you in an interesting way, which is superb.Having said these things, does this Cézanne painting also leave you “satisfied”? Why or why not?What might you tell us about this?

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