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Week 8: Looking Ahead

After seven weeks of uncovering various aspects of the humanities, the arts, the history, the philosophy, and so on, we bring the conversation full circle. Discuss how humanities may impact your life on a professional and personal level. Identify specific moments in the course that helped you identify new or different ways of evaluation and/or analysis. Locate an article about your field of study that reflects the practice and understanding of the humanities and share that research while explaining its connection and significance to the humanities.

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    Stephen Oyer-Owens

    Stephen Oyer-Owens

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    Hi, Everyone,Can a good end come so soon? Welcome to our Week 8 dialogue, the final one in our course. In this final discussion, we give you the chance to think about the Humanities once again in a broader way. Do they indeed remain relevant to our lives today? To find out what the educators at Stanford University have to say, click on this source:Why do the humanities matter? (n.d.) Retrieved from you think through your answers to the questions in our discussion board topic at the start of this page, I provide concluding reminders to help you stretch to your best success. Include an outside source of your own in your main post, keep the discussion rubric handy, send me questions or post them in our Q&A Forum.Our discussion board opens on Monday, June 24, 2019. Provide your main post on or before Wednesday. And perhaps most of all: enjoy the experience!Doc

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