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Moorpark College Seven Major Approaches to Comparative Politics

In a two page paper answer the following question. For this essay list and describe the seven major approaches to comparative politics, and explain why these theories are important to research.

For the essays, students must explain and critically analyze the following in each essay: Key terms, discussion of material and arguments about the content for that section. I am also looking for polished writing. Strong thesis with examples from the text. Must have 2-3 examples at least. In text citations with a work cited page. Using chicgo citition style. Meaning, write in an essay format (no bullet points or abbreviated answers) answering all aspects of the prompt given in a cohesive manner. Be precice, precision is very important. Say more with less, rather than less about a lot more. I really want you all to precisely address the question and present it in a way that a reader with no knowledge of this subject could understand it.

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