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This short paper task is designed to inform Milestone Three: Securing Funding, due in Module Seven. In the short paper, you will explore the different types of funding available to foreign corporations in the global market.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Six Short Paper Guidelines and Rubricdocument.

The company I selected is Apple Incorporation. Please do focus on every points in rubric and do not do plagiarism.

Instructor Feedback

INT 620 Module Six Short Paper Rubric: Funding Global Expansion

feedback: I am not seeing these segments addresses specifically. We need to see specific examples of ties to the company and expansion.
Impact: I don’t see this specifically addressed.
Mode of Entry: We need more specifics here.

Please help me to modify my paper as the feedback from instructor and need focus on the every points in feedback. Thanks. Btw, I also upload the feedback in details in attachment please check it and follow it. Thanks.

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