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Mod 6 Special Education Working with Families Response

  • for this assignment Respond to Bryant ’s responses and share your experience in an IEP meeting.
  • You are a special education teacher so share your experience
  • attached some resoruces to help
  • response should be 400 words


I have attended two IEP’s since I have started teaching. In both cases, the parents seemed reserved and passive in the experience. I attributed this to them not thinking that their input was needed or wanted and they were there to just hear what the school was doing for legal reasons. I think that the involvement of the parents in the IEP is vital and their input is needed to create the most effective learning plan for their child. It all starts with how the seating arrangement is set up. If there is a rectangular desk, having the student and parent on one side and the school employees on the other side creates an artificial divide between the parents and teachers. By using a circular table or by placing some of the school staff on the same side of the table, the creation of a feeling of one unified team can be achieved.

Another way to help to make the parents feel more comfortable in an IEP is to prep the parents. This means to give the parents the opportunity to review the material that will be covered in the IEP before the meeting. This can be done by sending the student home with a checklist of items that will be covered during the IEP. The material can include the student’s performance and current progress towards completing the goals that were set in the last IEP.

My role at the IEP meeting is the general education teacher. My role is to provide assessments of how the student is doing emotionally, mentally, socially, and academically in the general education classroom. While the IEP is taking place, my role is also to give insight on how the student acts in the classroom on a daily basis. I am also there to give suggestions on what accommodations, modifications, and support systems are working, not working, and what new accommodations, modifications, and support systems can be added.

In order to communicate with families effectively, I will use positive language when describing their child’s behavior and academic progress. When discussing new strategies with the parents, I will ask them for input on what strategies they think will work. This will help the parents feel like they are part of the team and that their opinions are valued.

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