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MOD 2-Societal Marketing-Class Discussion Response


Finding the Perfect Message

Understanding the features and benefits of a product is essential to forming the overall marketing plan’s creative message. Brands use creative appeals to connect with the customer target markets. Product features transform into benefits for the customers to meet their wants and needs.

Provide a brief description of your chosen product/service. (This should be used throughout class.)

  • Discuss how the product fits a lifestyle or psychographic.
  • List two features of the product and assess how they transform into benefits for your target market.

This post should be 2 paragraphs in length (150-200 words). Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite in the body of the post and add a reference list in APA format.


Professor and Classmates,

Sweet cookie is a re-branded type of cookie that was born in 2012. It is a decorated sugar cookie that is produced in form of chocolate. This type of product is produced by a company by the name Galleta Sabrosa. Sweet cookies are designed to meet the modern lifestyle. Today, people do take snacks for short-term meal purposes such as mid-breakfast or evening meal. In this regard, sweet cookies targets all people regardless of age, gender or race because anybody can take a snack (Scholl & Kurz, 2018).

Sweet cookies have two types of special features that draw attention of various people in the market: it is presented as food more than as a snack and the chocolate flavor. There are many types of cookies in the market but the named two features makes sweet cookies to be different from the other cookies in the market. In this case, many people especially ladies, children and youths like chocolate an aspect that makes the chocolate flavor in the cookies to attract many customers. Additionally, sweet cookies are positioned in the market as food more than as a snack, an aspect that makes many people to buy the product so as to meet the demands of their stomachs.


Scholl, J. G., & Kurz, P. U. (2018). P1556 A modern health check-up with lifestyle coaching improves overall cardiovascular health. European Heart Journal, 39(suppl_1), ehy565-P1556.

Groupon. (2018, January 16). Cookies: A Brief History. Retrieved from YouTube:



Thank you for the post. The two attributes identified around which value will be built are chocolate flavor and ‘more than a snack…a food’. Have you done any preliminary market testing (talked informally to others) about your two benefits that will be a focus of your marketing efforts? They might have some traction. On the other hand, the brand name focus on ‘sweet’ seems to convey an image that the brand is pretty much a treat, and not a serious food.


Thanks for your post. Could you further expound on your claim that sweet cookies is different than normal cookies available in the market? Saying that it is more food than a snack – does this mean the cookies can replace a full meal? Hoping you can enlighten me on this as this seems to be a very interesting product for people in the go. Thanks!


Great business and explanation on how to target individuals and the key features of the product. I may be biased, but I do agree that more women tend to gear their attention to “chocolate.” Although there are a lot of companies who sell cookies, there are billions of follows spent in the U.S on cookies/baked goods, so I can see this being a well built company (A Touch of Business, 2019).

I am also curious about cookies being more than a snack. I had only found one relevant article regarding cookie more like a meal which refers to a cookie that includes oatmeal and bacon, which essentially could be considered a meal replacement (Washington Post, n.d.). Is this something close to the idea you had mentioned?

Thank you and great work!



A Touch of Business. (2019, April 27). How to Start a Cookie Business. Retrieved from

Washington Post. (n.d.). Haute-meal Cookies. Retrieved from

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