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Mid-Term Paper (Case Study) and Power Point

Topic: Ethical Decision Making

Read Case: Dieselgate – Heavy Fumes Exhausting the Volkswagen Group”

Read Chapter 8 – I attached a summary so that you can use it to Quote from the text book.

Question: Identify and Critical evaluate the case study issue (s) from the perspective of Business, Government, and Socially, Individually; Critically evaluate and discuss how the issues are inter-related. Additionally, comment on the ethical issues present in the case study and assess their implication on decision making by Volkswagen leadership.

Paper Requirement (See Attached Assignment Details)

5 Sources other than the case study

5 pages minimum, 6 pages max

Power Point 5 – 7 slides (See Attached Assignment Details)

Please watch for grammatical, syntax errors. Professor is strict.

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