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Miami Regional University Knee Injury and Testicular Cancer Discussion

About a knee injury (tear of the medial meniscus)

1. One of the potential complications of arthroscopy is infection. What signs and symptoms of joint infection would you emphasize in your patient teaching?

2. Why is glucose evaluated in the synovial fluid analysis?

3. What are special tests used to differentiate type of Tendon tears in the knee? Explain how they are performed.

About testicular cancer.

1. What impact did an undescended testicle have on this young man’s risk for developing testicular cancer?

2. What might be the side effects of cytotoxic chemotherapy?

3. What is the purpose of preserving his sperm before chemotherapy?

4. Is this typical age for the development of testicular carcinoma?


APA format

Use one reference for each question (within 5 years)

Anplagarism law (use you own words)

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