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MGT571 Colorado State McDonald’s Big M System Development Presentation

Your final Portfolio Project is a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation must use slide notes. The notes section will support the content for each slide. Your presentation should be 18-22 slides (not including the title and research references slides).

Select a multinational company, for this company consider the Upstream Process and Responsibility framework (See Figure 1.2 in the textbook). Describe how you would take a hypothetical new product or service from concept to creation, then to commercialization, and finally to implementation in a country other than the U.S.

Your presentation will be organized by two parts. The first part is a description of new product development concepts while the second part is application to your hypothetical new product concept.

Part I: Descriptions of concepts should include:

  • description of the ideation approach of the new product/service addressed in Part II,
  • description of a business case
  • description of project oversight
  • description of beta testing
  • description of prelaunch readiness and training
  • description of launch execution

Part II: This section includes the application, analysis, formulation, and evaluation of the product launch using the principles from this course. Include the following:

  • Describe the hypothetical new product.
  • Provide the competitive analysis with rationale for the product’s success.
  • Summarize the business case.
  • Specify beta tests and defend your recommendations.
  • Construct the strategy formulation in relation to the product/service launch.
  • Analyze and evaluate the country’s cultural and external differences with their respective application to product/service launch.
  • Analyze the strategy implementation on one of the following: systems, people, or process fit.


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