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MGT4300 Sullivan College Customer Relationship Management

Making Business Decisions II

JetBlue took an unusual and interesting CRM approach by using YouTube to apologize to its customers. JetBlue’s founder and CEO, David Neeleman, apologized to its customers via YouTube after a very, very bad week for the airline: 1,100 flights canceled due to snow storms and thousands of irate passengers. Neeleman’s unpolished, earnest delivery makes this apology worth accepting. But then again, we were not stuck on a tarmac for eight hours. With all of the new advances in technology and the many ways to reach customers, do you think using YouTube is a smart approach? What else could JetBlue do to help gain back the trust of its customers?

The Broadway Cafe is experiencing some unusual issues. You have implemented four new espresso machines and it is taking employees time to get used to using the new machines. You also have four new employees who are getting used to the many different cafe machines. During peak hours the orders for frappachunios and cappuccinos is increasing, causing long wait times and lines for customers. You can tell that customers are frustrated and you want to address their concerns as you get your workforce up-to-speed on the new equipment.


  • Create a strategy for using YouTube as a vehicle to communicate with your customers about the unusual long wait lines and what you are doing to rectify the problems.
  • Be sure to highlight the pros and cons of using YouTube as a customer communication vehicle.
  • Are there any other new technologies you could use as a customer communication vehicle that would be more effective than YouTube?

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