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MAT0099 South University Week 3 Algebra Problems Worksheet

Week 3 Discussion


Assignment Overview

By the due date assigned, complete the following:


  • In the Discussion Area, using the table, find your assigned number and complete the problem associated with that number. In addition, choose one problem to complete from the ten word problems presented.
  • Please show all of the steps needed to solve your problem(s). No credit will be awarded for responses containing only the answers—your reasoning and calculations must be included.
  • Be sure that your post includes the textbook section or page, and the problem numbers, so your classmates can find your problems in the textbook.
  • Remember to do all of the problems assigned.
  • Respond to the postings of at least two other students on two separate days of the week. You can
    • ask a question about your classmate’s solution
    • offer help when you see an error
    • seek help in completing your own problems

To earn full credit for discussion participation, you should make at least two such postings. Note that only substantive postings will receive credit; nonsubstantive postings such as (but not limited to) “Good job!” or “Nice work!” will earn no credit.

Note: Some of the discussion questions involve graphing; plot these graphs using the EZGraph tool. Click on the image below to access the South EZGraph tool.

EZ Graph

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Please note that the assigned problems vary in difficulty and the list has been randomly generated for each assigned problem.

W3 Discussion Questions

  • Section 2.4 problems
  • Section 2.5 problems

If your assigned number is:

Please complete:


Choose one of the following:


Section 2.4 #64

A. Identify and explain the purpose of one of the following formulas. Work an example and solve when all of the variables except 1 are given:

a. I = prt

g. A = πr2

b. A = ½bh

h. C = 2πr

c. P = 4s

i. A = 6s2

d. P = 2l + 2w

j. V = lwh

e. D = rt

k. A = bh

f. F = (9/5)C + 32


Section 2.4 #58


Section 2.4 #60


Section 2.4 #32

B. You have decided to build a circular flower garden in your yard. Determine the size of your flower garden (by using the diameter in inches) and find the amount of top soil you will need to purchase (volume) if you plan to lay 2 inches of top soil over the entire flower garden. Use the formula V = πr2h.


Section 2.4 #68


Section 2.4 #56


Section 2.4 #84


Section 2.4 #62

C. You have decided to take out a home improvement loan to make repairs on your house. Determine the amount of the loan you will need, the simple interest rate for such a loan, and the amount of interest you will pay for two years. Use the formula I = PRT.


Section 2.4 #80


Section 2.5 #52


Section 2.4 #74


Section 2.4 #70

D. You are in the process of planning a garden in your back yard. The garden will be rectangular in shape. Determine the best length and width (in feet) for your garden and determine how many feet of fencing you will need to enclose the garden. Use the formula P = 2L + 2W.


Section 2.5 #48


Section 2.4 #78


Section 2.4 #36


Section 2.4 #72

E. The number of calories needed on a daily basis for a moderately active male is found to be:

K (calories) = 1108 + 6(w + h – a)

where w is his weight in pounds, h is his height in inches, and a is his age in years. Find the number of calories you need if you are a moderately active male.

Based on information from M. Parker (ed.), She Does Math! (Washington, D. C.: Mathematical Association of America, 1995), p. 96.


Section 2.4 #76


Section 2.4 #86


Section 2.5 #92


Section 2.5 #34

F. The number of calories needed on a daily basis for a moderately active female is found to be:

K (calories) = 912 + 6(w + h – a)

where w is her weight in pounds, h is her height in inches, and a is her age in years. Find the number of calories you need if you are a moderately active female.

Based on information from M. Parker (ed.), She Does Math! (Washington, D. C.: Mathmatical Association of America, 1995), p. 96.


Section 2.5 #72


Section 2.5 #76


Section 2.5 #78


Section 2.5 #30

G. Determine the number of credit hours required for the completion of your degree. How many credit hours have you currently completed? Use these values to determine the percent of your degree that you have completed.


Section 2.5 #38


Section 2.5 #58


Section 2.5 #56


Section 2.5 #96

H. Determine the percentage of sales tax in your city. Find the cost of a 70 inch television in a local department store and determine the cost of the television with tax.


Section 2.5 #60


Section 2.5 #66


Section 2.5 #62


Section 2.5 #90

I. Determine the number of gallons of gas that your car holds. Find the cost of the type of gasoline that your car uses at a local gas station. Determine the amount of money you would spend to fill up your tank if it was empty.


Section 2.5 #64


Section 2.5 #88


Section 2.5 #94


Section 2.5 #54

J. Research the current yearly budget predicted for your city government, along with the percentage spent on the salaries for all city employees. What amount will be spent on salaries for all city employees?


Section 2.5 #68


Section 2.5 #98


Section 2.5 #70


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