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Marketing Research Assignment

1. What role does exploratory research play in the market research process? How does exploratory research differ from other forms of marketing research?

2. Give several examples of situations in which it would be better to take a census of the population rather than a sample.

3. Explain experience surveys, case analysis and focus group. GIVE EXAMPLE for each.

4. Assume a market research example. Define and show each of the following terms in the example you created.

Dependent variable

Independent variable

Concomitant variation

Spurious association

5. Explain the critical role of the research proposal.

6. You have been charged with determining how to attract more business majors to your school. Outline the steps you would take, including the sampling procedures to accomplish this task.

7. The definition of the research problem is one of the most critical steps in the research process. Why? Who should be involved in this process?

8. Explain probability and nonprobability samples in detail.

*Please follow each step carefully

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