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MAPP502 American Public CNR Act & HHFKA Policy Discussion

For this QUESTION, find 2 more newsletters (I have attached one newsletter) that covers 2010 Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act and Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act policy topic (need to reference all 2 newsletters). Your answer needs to answer the following questions about the topic. Site your sources/references in APA format

  • How do their appearances differ in the newsletters?
  • What is similar in the newsletter?
  • If they cover the same topic can you identify a bias or leaning in the newsletters?
  • Describe the layout and how that contributes or takes away from its readability and message in the newsletters.
  • Compare the quality of writing and balance of coverage in the newsletters.
  • Which do you like best and why, of the newsletters?
  • Do you agree with their assessment of the newsletters? Why or why not?
  • How would you have ranked them of the newsletters? Why?

What I am looking for here when answering these questions is, how

different people view the same thing and how they relate to the presentation

and subject matter as they write these newsletters.

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