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1. Explain the purpose of a business plan. (5 marks) 2. What is the purpose of a budget? How are budgets allocated? (8 marks) 3. Identify the methods used to successfully engage with the customer (6 marks) 4. Explain the purpose of a Management Information Systems (MIS) (4 marks) 5. What are the benefits of using a Management Information Systems (MIS)? (6 marks) 6. How would you identify transaction/interaction patterns and other activities in the Management Information Systems (MIS)? (2 marks) 7. Using the internet, research and identify an MIS used to capture customer engagement data. Outline the key features of this MIS. (8 marks) 8. Explain what methods are used to evaluate the effectiveness of your measures for customer engagement (6 marks) Part A total: 45 marks Part B – Written or Oral Questions 1. Explain various data collection methods and the systems you would use (4 marks) 2. What are qualitative & quantitative data? How would you monitor them? (8 marks) 3. How would you analyse data collected to ensure validity and quality? (5 marks) 4. What is the best methodology to use for data analysis? (4 marks) 5. How would you present the data to management? (4 marks)

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