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Part A – Case Study: Stocklands Instructions: Read the Stockland Customer Engagement Case Study and answer the following questions about the organisation using your own knowledge. (See Appendix 4 of the workbook for a copy of the case study). Use the internet to further research the organisation:… Answer the following questions 1. What sort of business is Stocklands? Describe in your own words in one paragraph. (6 marks) 2. What is the structure of the organisation? (5 marks) 3. Identify the groups within the customer base. (6 marks) 4. Explain how Stocklands engages with the customers within the different groups. (6 marks) 5. What are the best methods for setting up contact for each group of customers to gain insight into their needs? (5 marks) 6. Explain how and why Customer Engagement methods vary across business units? (6 marks) Part A total: 34 marks Part B – Scenario With a belief that a satisfied customer will be more motivated to provide positive feedback about your organisation, the Stockland’s research team are ready to initiate the next National Shopper Satisfaction Program. As a member of the Stockland Shopper Research group, part of your role is to contribute to the development of the survey which will be used to gauge satisfaction of the shoppers. 1. Define at least one research objective for your satisfaction audit. (6 marks) 2. Develop a survey containing questions which will collect both qualitative and quantitative data for analysis. There should be at least 10 questions. This survey will be used to measure the satisfaction of shoppers at Stockland. Consider following and anything else you can think of : a. The shopping environment (cleanliness, variety of shops) b. Customer Service of the Stockland staff (cleaners, centre management) c. Availability of services. d. Signage e. Ease of access to the centre (parking) (2 marks each)

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