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MAN3710 Rasmussen Section 02 Role of the Human Resource Manager Paper

For this project assignment on ACME Company, Inc. consider the following concepts: Minimum of two pages

  • The issues facing Mary, from the perspective of an HRM in the 21st Century.
  • The challenges associated with the leadership roles and functions of the traditional company versus the modern company.
  • The challenges associated with the organization’s goals and objectives, from an HRM perspective.

Write a minimum of two pages summarizing the challenges that ACME Company, Inc. faces from the perspective of an HRM in the 21st Century and your recommendations for Mary (and Paul). Consider the following questions:

  • What should the HRM’s role be in this company?
  • How does Mary handle the contradictory goals of leadership versus hers (and Paul’s)?
  • Where should she focus her efforts?
  • How can Mary ensure ACME Company, Inc. reaches its goals and objectives to survive in the 21st Century?

Make sure to include an APA formatted title page and reference page for sources that you may have used for your research. Remember to follow APA guidelines for citing sources in-text when paraphrasing or quoting information.

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