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Make a couple slide ppt and word about Huaman reslurce issues

Please make a one or two slids of ppt and write a word doucument about Human resoure issues, I need use it for a 5 minute presentation.

NOTE: This is about company is Gap and country is South Korea, I Only need to do the Human resource issues.

organizing a communication plan that will explain how the company will handle the challenges of the new country.

The communication plan should include thoughts on how to effectively deal with all of the intercultural communication challenges they will face in the new country. Areas to consider include:

  • Organizational issues
  • Human resource issues
  • Legal/compliance issues
  • Marketing issues
  • Cultural customs, habits and rituals

When discussing your plans, please be specific with the techniques and processes you are recommending. Use anything you’ve learned from the videos, slides or reading thus far.

responsible for sending a 5-minute (+/- 30 seconds) individual video presentation that includes your slides.

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