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Knowledge Management

Choose to approach this assessment in a variety of ways. For example, should focus on issues in the organisation or challenges faced by organisations in starting KM initiatives, which could be resolved with appropriate process improvement or support people learning with the involvement of technology based tools like intranet portals, groupware, data mining and so on in knowledge management and take an overall overview of knowledge management as a whole. For this, could consider using a research tool to support like an information management questionnaire. And alternatively choose to focus on one aspect of knowledge management, such as:

  • Knowledge capturing and creation
  • knowledge sharing and dissemination or
  • knowledge acquisition and application
  • And use this as basis for analysis. Plus, study the application of a framework as a solution and provide the necessary research study towards the same. Additionally, also need to provide the supporting link between systems thinking and knowledge management.

    And provide an appropriate background of the concepts of knowledge management, using literature in the proper manner, with accurate and complete references. Provide a brief description of the situation you will be using for your critical appraisal. These are both necessary conditions but are not sufficient. And then link the concepts to the situation that are appraising and use the concepts to provide the appropriate appraisal.

    Appropriate research methods could be employed leading towards recommendations and conclusions. Whatever you choose, must justify the choices.

    The Assignment Structure:

    1. Introduction:

    a. Introduce organization/core functions/your focus

    b. Discuss the intellectual capital of the organization/department to Identify challenges/issues:

    i. Conceptual discussion

    ii. Present intellectual capital – all categories

    iii. Brief comments/summary

    2. Intellectual capital management strategies (KMLC) – Focus should be more on literature review:

    a. Identify/create => sources/Capture

    b. Codify/presentation/store=> Medium(storage)/conversion

    c. Sharing/apply/use=> accessibility techniques/adopt/changes in practice

    d. Comments/Summary:

    i. Overall performance

    ii. Effect on performance

    iii. Competitiveness

    3. Analysis of organizational knowledge health (intellectual capital):

    a. Analysis organizational goals/future plan/SWOT/K.Audit

    b. Compare and contrast KM Open Source tools

    c. Comments and recommendations

    4. Conclusion:

    a. Summarizing the findings

    b. Citation / References

    c. Report Layout

    d. Presentation

    *** Words count = 2000 words

    *** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

    *** I’ve attached proposal named “Work Proposal for KM” for knowing the chosen organnization.

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