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Kings College New Testament Cloud Pauls Letters Essay

choose one of the letters listed below to read and take notes on.


1 Corinthians

2nd Corinthians


1 Thessalonians




2 Thessalonians

read the chapter that corresponds to this letter in the Powell Textbook (which attached blow)

the essay (2 pages) should contain these points.

  • Summarize the letter to the church (To whom is it written, where was Paul when he wrote this text, what is going on in the text)
  • Why is Paul writing to this community? (are there any issues)
  • What is Paul teaching the community about God and Jesus?
  • How does Paul explain his work and the work of the church? Or does he?
  • What were your thoughts of the church community in this letter?
  • Remaining questions you have

No need for works cited. Just use in text citations. E.G. (Powell, ##)- Textbook or (1 Cor. 12:1-5) -Bible

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