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Keywords for Review of Linear Algebra

For this discussion topic, each student is required to have at least 2 postings: One explaining at least one of the following lettered keywords and a second responding to another student’s posting. Please select a lettered keyword that has not been explained by the time you post your response. You can select any keyword to explain once all keywords are explained. Please do not copy the definition of a keyword from the textbook or the lecture notes. Please do not copy another student’s posting.Use your own words to explain the meaning of each keyword. You can also give examples to clarify your definition.

This discussion will close at midnight Sunday, September 9th, 2018.

a. Variable

b. Cartesian Coordinates System

c. Linear Equation

d. Slope of a Straight Line

e. Linear Inequality

f. System of Linear Equations

g. System of Linear Inequalities

h. Feasible Region

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