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Issues in Marketing

Must be a minimum o 10 PowerPoint slides. A final reference page in APA styles. The project that the powerpoint will be about is a Personal Care Service. What we do is go in elderly home and assist them with their daily living. Here are the things that the powerpoint will include.(1) What is your product, service, idea or business,(2) who is your target market, (3)how will you conduct research to identify sales potential,(4) how will you utilize advertising, what comprises your media mix(TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards, ETC.) Be specific, (5) how will you utilize personal relationship,(6) how will you utilize publicity, (7) how will you utilize “zeitgeist,” the “spirit of the times.”, for instance, you could capitalize on the current recession by making it more cost-effective; you could capitalize on environmental concerns by making it eco-friendly; you could focus on its ability to save time in an increasingly busy world. etc. Think of issues that are “top-of-mind” among potential consumers, and show how your product or service answers that need or concern,(8) How will you utilize sales-promotion techniques? choose at least one of the following and explain how it will be used in your final project: coupons, contests, sweepstakes, samples, money-back guarantee, rebate or product placement. (9) Will you be able to utilize unique packaging, a slogan, a jingle or a logo? if so, describe it.

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