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IRLS409 American Military Environmental Security Case Study Discussion

For this final assignment, students will choose from a number of case

studies uploaded into the Lesson for Week 7 and write a four to five

page paper relevant to this case study. Options for case studies

include: Lake Victoria Region, Liberia, China, Philippines, Indonesia,

Rwanda, Chiapas, and Gaza. In this paper, students will choose a human

security problem from their selected case study and complete a mapping

(in either outline or diagram form) of a human security problem, to

include economic, political, environmental, and social factors at the

individual, group, national, regional, international, and global levels

(as outlined in the assignment sheet).

This mapping can be made in diagram or outline form and should be no

longer than 2 pages. I have uploaded two diagrams to this assignment

sheet to assist you with this mapping. The remaining 2-3 pages of your

paper should include an introductory paragraph which briefly summarizes

your case study, followed by an analysis relevant to the following


1. How do economic, political, environmental, and social factors contribute to this human security problem?

2. How does this human security problem compound economic, political, environmental, and social issues?

3. What new human security issues have or are likely to result (if any)?

4. Why is it important to take a multi-faceted, multi-level approach to addressing human security problems?

Students are expected to conduct some research in support of their

analysis. Don’t forget to wrap up your conclusions in a closing

paragraph. Papers should be formatted pursuant to Turabian Style and

should be written in Times New Roman or Arial font, with sentencing

doublespaced. Students should include in-text citations and a list of

sources. Please save your work in a Word file, attach to the assignment

sheet, and submit for grading by midnight on Sunday of Week 8.

Case Studies to choose from:





Lake Victoria Region:…

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