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IRLS301 AMU International Organizations & Human Rights Final Research Paper

Final Research Paper: International Organizations and Human Rights

Your final research paper should be between 3-5 pages, excluding the reference list. You must use Turabian style parenthetical references.

Explore and analyze the impact of an IGO, NGO or MNC on a specific human rights problem. Make sure to include overviews of the organizations you mention in your own words- no quotations, but be sure to cite paraphrased information.

Give the background of a specific human rights issue, event or incident where an IGO, NGO and/or MNC has taken action. Give a summary of that event, the outcome (or current progress) and an analysis of how you feel it was handled. Evaluate successes and failures, as well as what could have been done differently. Assess if the actors are cooperating on this issue and how well.

Your paper should have an:

Introduction with a thesis statement

Background of human rights issue

Background of the actor(s), and actions taken

Impact – what has been the outcome? Where did the actors succeed or fail? What could have been done differently? Should other actors have become involved? If so, who?


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