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Impact of Changes to GASB Statements No. 25 and No. 27

Please research and review GASB statements no. 25 and 27. Then research and locate at least two articles from a professional journal about GASB Statements No. 67 and No. 68. Prepare an initial post that concisely compares and contrasts the old (25 and 27) and new (67 and 68) standards based on the articles you will have reviewed. In this post, please state whether or not we believe the new standards improve governmental reporting for pensions. Provide at least two examples to support the stated opinion. Please support this review and opinion with at least two scholarly sources other than our textbook.

You will need the link to my ebook. Th title of the book is: Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities. We are reading chapter 8 to help us write this paper. The link to my ebook is… and my username is and password is Imani@2018

This paper is an initial post for a discussion.

Please ensure that the person writing this paper is fully qualified and fully understands what is required of this paper and writes on a masters level.

I have attached the guidelines by which this paper should be written. It is extremely important that the writer follows the instructions on this guideline and that the paper should make sense.

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