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Question:Hypothetically speaking, you are assigned to a committee of three to decide on a dress code for your University Staff and Faculty. Only two of the three votes are required to pass this policy. In this situation you are one of the two agreeing to a dress code. What steps might you take to gain the cooperation of the third party after the policy has been initiated.


For deciding a dress code for the university staff and faculty I have been assigned to a committee of three. For passing this policy only two votes are required out of three. I am one of the persons of the two who accepted the policy. Now, I would gain the cooperation of the third party by avoiding the identification of the party as “opponent”. I will focus on the issue and ignore personality differences. Perception, emotion, and communication are the three factors that one should be aware of. Perception means keeping oneself in the shoes of others so that the common grounds can be seen easily. I will carefully bring out their feelings about the situation. I will convince that my position is right and reasonable. I will have clear and precise communication for avoiding misunderstandings. I will use active listening techniques like looking directly at the third party, listening to them carefully, and allow them to express their views and thoughts. Beliefs, status, responsibilities, cultural background, values are the factors that an issue can be influenced by. Then I will explain the benefits of dress code for the university staff and faculty by saying that there will be no class differences and a kind of discipline can be maintained on the premises. Also, I will try not to blame the other party on the issue. For an organization or for university cooperation between the members is the main aspect for the success. I will also try to implement the thoughts of the other party if they are felt as useful. I will make the third party understand the situation by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of assigning the dress code. Finally, I will convince the third-party and gain cooperation after the policy has been initiated.

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