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I need help to write research paper on “Power and Politics in Organizations”

Below are details of research paper and power point presentation:-

Topic ” Power and Politics in organization”

Research Paper (150 points): Each student will be expected to complete one main research paper wherein the student will select an organizational behavior topic from the textbook.The topic must be approved by the instructor and must contain viable scholarly sources.The student will be expected to connect his or her topic to modern day business and organizational behavior.

The Research Paper, along with the power point, will be completed in APA format and should contain a minimum of 12 pages total.It will be due at the end of Week 7.

Power Point Presentation (50 points):Each student will be required to create a power point (ppt) presentation regarding their chosen Research Paper topic.The ppt presentation should be a minimum of 15 slides, to include the title/introductory slide and the reference slide.

I have attached screenshots for reference points as mentioned in chapter.Please it should be 0% plagiarism.

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