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Please respond to Question 1 and any one (1) other: It needs to be with both questions 3 to five pages total

In a brief essay (1 – 2 pages), please describe your understanding of what is involved in effectively teaching literacy in a linguistically, culturally, and economically diverse classroom? You are free to discuss strategies you’ve learned about or experiences you’ve had, but do indicate why you think such strategies are effective When you draw upon the readings done for this class, please don’t forget to cite them appropriately both in text and in a References or Works Cited Page at the end of your paper. (20)

2. How have your views about culture (yours and others) and poverty been shaped through any combination of family, community, school, work, the media, and society? This question seeks to have you reflect upon any biases or stereotypes you may have of your own or other cultures or of people in poverty. (10)

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