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HUMN303 Chamberlain College of Nursing The Cardiff Team Artwork Paper

Hello Doc and class,

I chose the artwork “The Cardiff Team” by: Robert Delauney. The reason I chose this piece is because when I look at it I see what is going on in my mind. It sounds weird but it makes sense. I have ADHD so my brain is always stimulized by something which I think is great for the profession I’m trying to get into. In this painting it is showing many different settings as a way of showing that many different things are going on at once in sort of one motion. That is the exact way my brain reacts to things. I can look around the room and take in every different setting that is taking place whether it’s sound, motion or light. That may sound like a bad thing but I see it as a good thing. Within the profession of nursing you are always on your feet moving around and doing something different each day (depending on which floor you work on). As a person who loves change and being hands on almost all the time I believe nursing is a great profession for me. In a hospital setting there will be many different tasks ill have to do and personally I work best when I am constantly doing something. This artwork by Delauney connects to me through the way I think and the way it will positively have an impact on my future career.


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