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Human Behavior and Performance

Motivation theorists today acknowledge that human behavior and performance are multiply determined and that there is no single theory that can explain all the complexities of human motivation. Many theorists consider biological, psychological, emotional, and environmental sources of human motivation and recognize that “why we do what we do” is the result of the interplay of these several sources.

Citing the readings you completed for this unit, complete the following:

  • Describe how the concept of multiple sources of motivation now affects the way you conceptualize your personal motivation and performance in a selected setting in your life (school, work, sports, et cetera).
  • Describe the sources of motivation you are most likely to consider when evaluating (measuring) your motivation.
  • Describe the sources of motivation on which you are most likely to focus when attempting to increase your personal motivation.

Remember to cite scholarly evidence to support your statements when appropriate, using APA (6th edition) style and formatting.

Response Guidelines

After your initial post, respond to at least two other learners’ posts by asking questions and adding comments that expand and deepen the conversation. Your responses are expected to be substantive in nature.


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