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How Strategic Thinking & Decision Making Helped BJP in India General Election 2019 Paper

This assignment requires a minimum 20-page (not including cover page, abstract, table of contents, and references), double-spaced, APA formatted academic research paper. Please note that this research should be based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed articles.

I will share you topic proposal and and topic proposal presentation made for topic approval. This will help you to understand topic. There are some referances in proposal but you can still add few more important referances.

The academic research paper will include the basic components of a non-empirical research paper which requires the following:

  • An introduction
    • Identification of the contemporary strategic thinking, decision making, and innovation problem to be addressed;
    • A purpose statement;
    • Significance of the issue under study;
  • A literature review; and
  • A conclusion
    • Recommendations
      • The recommendation MUST include a business model developed to address the strategic thinking, decision making, and innovation problem identified in the Introduction.
  • Managerial implications

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