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HIST1865 Ashford Martin Luther King Jr Contribution to End Racial Segregation In US Paper

The paper should be a biography of an important American figure who influenced history between 1865 and the present; the paper must answer the question: what did the subject do to influence American history?You must use both primary and secondary sources to complete the assignment.The paper must be 2000 to 3000 words long and include Chicago Style footnotes and a bibliography. Students must use at least one primary source and three secondary sources, however, it may require several more to write an excellent paper.

Remember you may NOT choose a political figure such as a president.But your subject must have had an influence on American history.Therefore, it could be someone who fought for the rights of a minority group such as Ida B. Wells, Sitting Bull, or W.E.B. DuBois.It could be someone who sought to change America through art or music such as Bob Dylan, John Steinbeck, or Ralph Ellison.It could be an influential sports figure such as Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, or Kathrine Switzer. It could be a scientist, inventor or innovator such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Steve Jobs.

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