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Hiring Practices Create Success

Topic: Hiring Practices Create Success

Video: “Hiring at the Container Store

The Discussion questions are based on the video. Watch the video and read the video document provided. Answer the questions below in this unit’s Discussion.

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe the Container Store’s selection process and how it helped to create their success.
  2. Describe how the Container store uses Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to create its foundation of HR practices.

Support your response with information from the textbook or other academic source.


McGraw Hill Education (Producer). (n.d.). The Container Store. Retrieved from


Just response each posted # 1 to 3 below ?

1 From: Bhupinder Singh posted Aug 4, 2018 4:06 AM

In the assigned video, the co-founder and Chairman of the container store Garret Boone stated they follow 1 average person= 3 lousy people, 1 good person= 3 average people, and 1 great person= 3 good people terminologies for their hiring process. They only hire great workers, he said. The company would hold the positions for months to make sure they hire high calibrated people for the open positions. They believe in hiring people for next level. For example, if there is any opportunity in leadership, they can promote someone with in. The leadership highly believe in communication and within the organization and they keep their employee engage and motivate by sharing information. They also pay 50% to 100% percent higher than other business which can help attract good talent and keep their employees happy. The container store uses Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs by meeting the employee expectations. The container store pays 50% to 100% higher than the standard labor rate to meet the physiological needs of employees. They provide trainings and tools that employee needs to do their jobs. Furthermore, they help their employees to grow personally and professionally.

2 From: Zerina Kustura posted Aug 3, 2018 10:33 PM

Hello Everyone,

The container store has been voted as one of the best places to work for quite a few years for Fortune Magazine. To earn their title they have to have a unique method that ensures that not only their products are top notch, but their employees are as well. According to Garrett Boone the co-founder of the company, they focus on only the best employees for their company. In fact one of their foundation principles states that 1 great person equals 3 lousy people. If they do not believe they are hiring the correct person for the position they will hold it until someone comes along who is qualified to fill that role. They also use the logic that the person they are hiring will be a manager, even ones that are only hired as seasonal workers. This and a combination of company effort to motivate their employees has significantly decreased the turnover rate, especially in the retail industry.

The container stores utilizes Maslow’s theory Y in treating its employees. This means that they have a very relaxed atmosphere that allows employees to think for themselves instead of being micromanaged by their leaders. Instead of believing that people are simply there to use like machines, they genuinely care about their employees and understand that mistakes may be made at any time.

3 From: Lekeshiar Moorman posted Aug 3, 2018 9:15 PM

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is used to analyze motivation of consumers. It provides the foundation for higher level of motivations to become available to the needs of people to attain. It suggest that people to be satisfied by all physiological needs before they move on to higher needs. The Container Store’s selection process helped to create their success by hiring great people. For example, 1 average = 3 lousy person 1 great=3 good people 1 good= 3 average. The Container Store also holds out months and months for the best person and most of the employees were customers first. The Container Store use Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to create its foundation of HR practices by using the five needs 1. Physiological needs 2. Safety needs 3. Social needs 4. Esteem needs 5. Self-actualization needs uses this so they can meet employees needs. The Container Store uses the Maslow Hierarchy for their business because they consider human needs of all levels and provides motivations to their employees.

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