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Harley Davidson Buissness report

Continuing the analysis requested by your employer, and following Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective by Roger H. Hermanson, James Don Edwards, and Michael W. Maher, evaluate your SEC company’s Statement of Cash Flows.

As you complete this project consider how you would explain the concepts in general and then, specifically, use examples related to your SEC 10-K company’s statement of cash flow.

What is included in the statement of cash flows? Following the pattern used for the Balance Sheet, describe each section. Explain what specific account types from the balance sheet are included in each section and what information from the income statement is displayed in the operating activities section.

Explain the purpose of positive and negative values on the statement of cash flows. Effectively, what do they illustrate?

Why is the statement important?

What has changed between the last two reported years?

Why is there a difference between Cash flow from operating actives and Cash flow from investing activities? Why is this important?


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