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GSU Naming What We Know Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies Response

For this final Reading Response, respond to ONE of the following prompts in 500+ words:

  1. While I have spent a decent amount of time composing or finding writing prompts based on our course readings, I can’t possibly have exhausted ideas for such reading responses. For this option, use the assignment space to write your own reading response prompt — one that addresses any element of any of the readings, be that a response to a single reading or a broader, more reflective/retrospective response to the ideas we’ve been discussing since the beginning of the semester. And then, of course, write your response to your own prompt.
  2. Among all of the chapters, articles, and books you have been working through in the course so far, which one(s) would you say have been most essential to either the course in general or to your specific experience as a writer? Explain. Which one(s) could or should be cut or replaced with something else next semester? Why?
  3. If you’d like, use the assignment space to write a response to a past prompt that you didn’t choose for a past RR assignment. If this option interests you, please let me know by the end of Meeting 11 (June 25th) so I can go back and compile the past prompts from RRs 1-4 and include them here.

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