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GO141 Park University Physical Geology Minerals Worksheet


For each unit lab:

  1. Submit the completed activities below by utilizing the Lab Document below.
  2. Read the instructions for each assigned activity as indicated in the Unit Lab Activities.
  3. Type the answers of the questions for each activity.
    1. Provide meaningful and detailed responses based on the learned concepts
    2. Utilize the information, data in your lab manual, textbook and other credible sources
  4. Formatting requirements:
    1. Include the questions as headings
    2. Provide cover page including the appropriate information
    3. Show the calculations of your answers (only if applicable)
    4. Support your responses with the appropriate citations and sources including page numbers in either textbook or lab manual.
      1. Use the Minerals Photos document to complete Unit 1 Minerals Worksheet.
      2. Complete all the entries in this Worksheet.
      3. In addition to completing the above Worksheet/Table, answer the 3 questions below (Include the answers at the bottom of your submitted Minerals Worksheet/Table)
        1. Identify the mineral with metallic luster, yellowish color, hardness 6.5, with no cleavage, a greenish streak, and cubic crystal form.
        2. What is the mineral with metallic luster, gray color, cubic cleavage and crystal form, H 2.5?
        3. Name at least 3 minerals that are elements.

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