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Give your opinion on already posted responses

There are couple of responses posted below . Please read both of them and give your opinion on them separately.

Read Response-1 and Response-2 below and give your opinion on BOTH responses separately. your answer should be supported with research unless the question is opinion oriented.. Responses to discussions below should not be “I agree” or “I like the way you stated that.” These responses should again be insightful, offering an opinion or facts based on your research and experiences. The opinion to both responses should be a minimum of 200 words each . See APA criteria for citing resources.

The below responses are of individuals who did case study “To Bid or Not to Bid” on page 1011 and then answer the questions on page 1012.

“text book attached “


1. What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?

Marvin and his team has highlighted some of the key considerations to make a decision around this bidding. However, there are a few additional factors they will need to consider to look at it holistically and make an informed decision. Firstly, given the volume of the work, leadership needs to find out if there is enough capacity to support the work, specially since this is going to be a long term project with a possibility of a potential extension. Going into the project understaffed will not resonate well with the client teams and may be an easy way to lose trust from get go. Marvin also needs to find out from his Finance team if there are adequate funds available to kick off the project while they wait on the Statement of Work to get executed before receiving the fees from the client for the work performed. Secondly, its important for Marvin and his team to perform a historical analysis of prior work successfully executed and study the patterns that helped them remain strong in the marketplace. Doing so, will help the team with some interesting data points they can help drive the decision making process. Thirdly, the team needs to analyze if this project will help them maintain their brand for what they do or will it take it in a different direction. Considering that, this project is going to be long-term, the team needs to decide if taking on this work tie in well with the objectives and long-term strategy of the company or negatively influence it to take another path. Fourthly, another important consideration is the risk factor involved. It is indispensable to look at the project plan, scope, location etc to understand the potential risks involved. Often times, scope creep is the reason why projects fail and do not get executed as expected.

2. Should they bid on the job?

Having gone through the facts from the case study, it is clear that the company has a great track record in the bidding process and relatively has been maintaining a good standing in terms of the financials. Being at an executive level, Marvin wouldn’t want to change too many things too soon. Given that, this will be a huge contract for the firm that would bring in constant cash flow for the next 10 years, I strongly feel the team should bid on this project. Of course, there are the uncertainties but that is true in any bidding process. It is important for the company to stay competitive in the market and stay ahead of their competition. For that to happen, its vital to maintain a strategic alliance with the clients and this would just be the perfect opportunity.


What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?

Making decision to bid or not in any project is not a easy task.To make any decision, it is essential to assume about the time, resources on hand and careful choice making drives the employer to proper direction. Some business enterprise follows bid or no bid analysis which meets the agency dreams and in line long time period approach goals.
Profitability: Any venture that is based on the earnings of the project. When an employer plans to bid or now not to bid then it has to think about value of labor, tools fee and job cost. After thinking about the fee concerned in the labor, area and tools then the business enterprise has to have a diagram to bid or not to bid.
Capability: Before taking a new challenge the business enterprise has to reflect on consideration on the ability reachable to entire the new job and for the backlog jobs. Most of the corporations have a tendency to fail in potential planning.
Historical analysis: It is higher to think about the historic information of bids submitted. Both the success and failure files have to be analyzed earlier than bidding for the new deal.Based on the above elements I would emphasize Marvin and his group participants to think about earlier than bidding a project.

Should they bid on the job?

Analyzing the case find out about I would supply some suggestions, whether Marvin has to bid or not.

• Marvin is the solely supplier for the purchaser which can increase the agency profit and single dealer notion can fetch recognition in the industry.
• Marvin Company can display their overall performance with the different clients and the offerings provided. This will be a larger asset for Marvin to bid and succeed the deal.
Therefore I would conclude that Marvin with his corporation doable and appropriate inspecting techniques they are suitable to bid the mission and will prevail with it.

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